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  • How to Get Followers on Social Media sites
    2013-05-15 04:20:56 by Deborah Cole

    Coach Deb was interviewed on The Big Biz Show by Bob "Sully" Sullivan on how business owners can get more followers on Social Media. Watch the 16-minute replay here: Social Media topics disc...

  • Social Graph Search revealed on TV by Coach Deb (Big Biz Show)
    2013-04-06 19:54:18 by Deborah Cole

    "Social Graph Search is the hottest thing since Google was created!" says Coach Deb on The Big Biz Show. Coach Deb reveals what Social Graph is, and tips on how a business owner can use little kn...

  • Just a Dog?
    2012-08-14 16:19:10 by Deborah Cole

    "Now, I want you to pay particular attention to the teeth." Finding Neverland is one of my Top Ten Fantasy Movies of all time. Providing an alternate perspective behind the Peter Pan story, Johnny De...

  • Video exposes Kindle's Perfect Publishing System
    2012-08-09 17:51:11 by Deborah Cole

    Aloha! By now the word is officially out about the powerful Kindle secrets webinar we did on Tuesday night.  It was a huge success!  People are loving this system that shows you not only how to cre...

  • Secrets to Social Media Success - Tip #16 Quickie Tip - Throw Myths on Traditional PR Out the Window
    2012-07-05 15:15:55 by Deborah Cole

    Tip #16 - Quickie Tip - Throw Myths on Traditional PR Out the Window This is the one tip that you cannot ignore if you want success in social media. Throw privacy, control, and PR rules out the w...

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