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“Customer service is the experience we deliver to our customer. It’s the promise we keep to the customer. It’s how we follow through for the customer. It’s how we make them feel when they do business with us.” – Shep Hyken


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Deb helps you to maximize your goals in professional and easy to understand way. She was professionally handling all the technical stuff required in a great live webinar
Mari Smith
Facebook marketing expert trainer for fortune 500 brands.
Ajit Nawalkha is Co-founder at Mindvalley. Coach deb has worked with Ajit on 8 hours long Live webinar production. Ajit found coach Deb a great teammate who works all the way to get things done.
Ajit Nawalkha
Co-founder at Mindvalley
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Deb is so professional and helped me feel less stressed and anxious. Having her guided me what to do and the process was extremely smooth.
Christy Whitman
CEO, and Founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy
Jason is an International speaker, best-selling author and Co-host of "The Not-So-Serious Life". Coach Deb has worked on production of 8 hours live webinar and for Master Circle Program that Jason hosts.
Jason Goldberg
Co-host of "The Not-So-Serious Life"
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Coach Deb works without being difficult, anxious or tensed. It's easy to work in a connected way and at the same time creating something which is of high quality.
Christina Berkley
Executive Coach
I gotta let you know Deb Cole is the gold standard when it comes to learning about social media, how to use it, how to be involved and the first time that I saw her give a presentation in 2009.
Scott Sylvan Bell
MindValley Studios
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Coach Deb has a really beautiful way of handling talent. She cares about everyone she works with. Awesome in finding location for video shoots.
Triffany Leo
MindValley Studios
I just finished my first session with Coach Deb and I am really punped up right now. I have lot of clarity and I have lot of enetgy after this session.
George Roumeliotis
Neuroscience Account Manager @ Otsuka Pharmaceutical
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Joanna Kinsman is the owner of Kini Bands and she is based out of San Diego CA. She is very innovative and smart working entrepreneur.
Joanna Kinsman
Serial Entrepreneur
I’ve accomplished more in the last five months than I did in the last five years! I just had to drop you a quick note to say thank you! I would be lost without your insight and accountability!! No book (and I read mountains), or seminar event (I’ve attended dozens) can ever come close to the motivation, clarity and focus I get out of the weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls.
Lisa Hyatt
President ES Lovell Inc. VP and COO Hyatt Development, Inc.
Within 48-hours of the call where we went over PR strategies I obtained front page coverage in Hawaii’s #1 daily newspaper! Since then I’ve been interviewed on TV and written up in every major business publication in the state. Thanks for coaching me in practical strategies that work in the real world!
Hoala Greevy
As a natural skeptic, I was impressed by your ability to get right to the core of the issues slowing our progress. You really know what you’re talking about. We’re always looking for ways to help our employees work toward our common goals, while maintaining the individuality and creativity that makes our industry what it is. The hotel industry is staffed by people who love to interact with others, but may not always understand why. That’s always been my greatest challenge as a leader.But you have the perfect combination of coaching, assessments and group learning solutions to help that process along greatly. The resources that we’ve utilized in yearly retreats have brought the teams (across all departments) together into one big cohesive team. Just about everyone involved now has a noticeably better appreciation of how all departments are necessary for a successful hotel operation. Most of all you’ve laid out the prcatical steps and given us the insight needed to assure continued success — both professionally and personally.
Geoff Conrad
Somerset Hills Hotel General Manager & Director of Operations for all locations
On the fast track of business growth
After three-and-a-half years in business I’m now laser focused on my goals, restructuring my business, and most importantly — staying on track.
Scott Nattenberg
Auto Detail Magician, Inc
You always overdeliver!
I take part in a lot of coaching teleclasses and the BIG difference with your coaching format is that it is content-rich and content-driven. You always hold us accountable to measurable results, and you always over-deliver!
Judi Finneran
Darma Enterprises, Inc.
Frank is an attorney in his early fifties who has been struggling with growing his business past a set plateau for the last three years. Hating the idea of a “bossy consultant,” Frank decided to try working with a Professional Business Coach. He has since become such a believer that he’s using RPM Success-Coaching for organizational development and private coaching for his top performers. Here’s what he had to say after just one month of coaching:

“It’s not easy for a business owner to realize that old ways produce old results. It’s even harder to acknowledge and change those old ways.

In just our first few hours coaching together you helped me uncover and develop a plan to address the specific areas for improvement in my business that I’ll have the most leverage in. (By the way — I’ve been struggling with this challenge, and accepting meager profits because of it, for the last five years.)

You’ve been asking some tough, targeted questions that have allowed me to organize my thoughts like I’ve never done before – and that’s saying a lot for a trial attorney. Your line of questioning enabled me to describe my company to an outsider in a way I’ve never done before. The weak spots that were graphically revealed will equip us to focus all our energy on these areas right away instead of scattering our limited time to improve systems.

Thanks for your insight! I think the revolving door I was considering to handle my staff turnover won’t have to be installed after all.”
Frank T Lockwood
Law Offices of Frank T Lockwood, AAL ALC
“As an image consultant and small business owner, I had become overwhelmed with all the different ways that I could grow my company. I felt like an octopus with all these tentacles trying to grab at any and all ideas that floated my way. Now with my coaching I have new tools to help me with time management, consistent support to help me stay focused on my target market, and the inspiration (and information) I need to make successful presentations.” Listen to what JoJami has to say about the coaching you’ll gain access to with your membership in the Business Owner’s Coaching Club™…
JoJami Tyler
Number one in national sales in less than 60-days!
“…Sometimes being successful in business can be just as dangerous as struggling because improvements seem tougher to make… But small highly targeted changes made over time make a BIG difference. In less than 60-days after joining the Owners Club I took my ITEX franchise sales to # 1 in the nation!” Listen to what Joe has to say about working with an RPM Business Coach and how the 17 other benefits of membership in the Business Owners Coaching Club™ are helping him grow.
Joe Lopez
ITEX Hawaii, Inc.
Steve and Gail are a husband-and-wife team who came to us with a lot on their plate, to say the least. When they started their coaching program, Steve was just preparing to leave the corporate world and start his own consulting business. Gail already had her own business and was looking to restructure the company to not only be profitable and more self-running, but also to be fun and fulfilling. To top it all off, they were both active in buying and selling residential real-estate investment properties and looking for other ways to create cash flow. Although we ascribe to the theory of Multiple Streams of Income, Steve and Gail had a little too much on their plate to focus effectively. They both quickly realized that the clear focus gained from their coaching saved them a year or two of costly trial and error. Here’s what they have to say:

“Without ever meeting Steve or me in person, you were able to identify our complimentary strengths and show us how to apply them for maximum results. Starting right from day one with the foundation of the assessments, you saved us months of valuable time by alerting us to business issues that we might encounter in the future, and you helped us plan in advance for future responsibilities based on our strengths.

In just a few weeks we were headed in the right direction. Your coaching insight was a much-needed blessing for us. Best of all, we are confident that as new entrepreneurs, we are equipped with solid money-making skills that will allow us to achieve our business and lifestyle goals … no matter what the economy is doing!

Through your coaching we’ve learned how to make more solid business decisions, improve our real estate investing and management skills, and you’ve introduced us to so many new or rarely publicized methods of investing. Since our coaching started, Steve started a new business (and a new career) and is months ahead on his projected cash flow, and I have improved the bottom line on my business substantially — almost two fold in the last three months!”
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