Mind Control In Media + Marketing with Mark Joyner #Interview

Get ready to have your mind blown with Mark Joyner and this upcoming LIVE Conversation I’m having with him this Wednesday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST – and allowing my friends to join in.

But 1st… before you continue reading… I want to make sure you are ready. Are you ready for the Red Pill? Because most people are not. So the upcoming LIVE Interview with Mark Joyner is reserved exclusively for people ready for the red pill.

The intel Mark Joyner possesses exceeds that of the average citizen. And he’s ready to reveal it to those who want to know what’s really going on in the world, and how they can guard their mind from the manipulation of the media – both traditional and social media alike. In this exclusive interview with Mark Joyner, we’ll discuss the following issues facing us in the world today, in 2020:


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Why is it important to learn about PERSUASION?

How is your data being used against you?

How Will Personality Marketing Influence The Masses?

How Can You Guard Your Mind In 2020?

What Mind Control Tactics are being used to manipulate your emotions?

What’s the real cause of unrest and conflict in the world today?

What’s the role of Intelligence Operations being played in the world right now?

Mark Joyner is known by insiders as the Father of Digital Marketing. started the first ebook publishing company 10 years before the Kindle, he launched the first online ad tracking company, he started a pay per click search engine while the Google boys were still in college, he invented the tracking pixel while Mark Zuckerberg was in elementary school, and many other online marketing technologies and techniques and tech used by everyone around the world today. One of Mark’s startups, Startblaze, shot to the #36 most visited site on the planet within 6 weeks of launching – on a zero dollar ad budget.

Can you say WOW!?

Mark Joyner is the author of over a dozen books in print in 25 languages. 4 are #1 bestsellers. 

His Books are used as University text books around the world. 

Mark is a former US Army Officer and a Cold War veteran of military intelligence.  

Mark has been awarded for his military service by the NSA, the Defense Language Institute, the US Army, the Republic of Korea Army, the Korean Consulate General, and the President of the United States.

And now, he’s joining us in an Exclusive LIVE Conversation on the #ShareThis Show this Wednesday 4pm PST / 7pm EST on my new YouTube Channel.

Get Ready to have your Mind = Blown

TikTok Ban

TikTok or Not? Special Show with Owen Video & Joel Comm talking about the Future of TikTok

If TikTok gets banned or bought by Microsoft or Twitter — what are the alternatives? What do you do with all your Followers, if you’ve been growing your TikTok channel? 

What are the DANGERS of having TikTok on your phone? Should you be more concerned about the Security of your phone if you’re an Android or an IOS Smart Phone user, like the iPhone if you have TikTok installed on your phone?

If you’re NOT a Teen, and you’re in Business — is TikTok something you should pay attention to? Is it really a viable business marketing platform? Or just a waste of time? Are Realtors and Business Owners taking TikTok seriously for getting their business promoted using TikTok?

SAVE The Date: 8-20-2020

These questions and more will be answered on the #ShareThis LIVE Show with Special Guests on a Special Night:

THURSDAY 4pm PST / 5pm MST / 7pm EST 

Joel Comm and Owen Video will discuss the pros and cons of using TikTok in 2020. 

Join the conversation LIVE and ask your questions about TikTok for business.

CoachDeb Cole 
Producer / Host of #ShareThis Channel 


Vlogging For Realtors = Get More Leads From YouTube Videos

Vlogging For Realtors = Get More Leads From YouTube Videos 

80% of Leads For This Realtor in Miami come from her Vlog / YouTube Videos / Miamism Blog.

Join us for this LIVE Conversation on YouTube with Ines Hegedus-Garcia and see how YOU can get MORE Leads using Video Marketing for Your Real Estate Business or Profession / Small Business.

2020 doesn’t mean you can’t meet new people who need your product or service. In Fact, if you do it Right… you’ll find yourself meeting MORE new Leads / Clients who need your services, without ever leaving your home office — because you’ll be able to meet more people with just ONE video, than you’d be able to do in-person at a networking event.  

Excited to introduce my next guest to you, and share the secrets she has with you on how she started getting more leads for her Real Estate business when blogging and YouTube first started, over a decade ago.

If you are a REALTOR… and you are just now learning HOW to do a Virtual Open House… in 2020… meet the woman, the REaltor, the Pioneer, Ines Hegedus-Garcia who has been doing Virtual Open Houses since 2012… for the past 8 years.

Learn how you can avoid the mis-steps along the way!

This is going to be one exciting conversation for Realtors and Professionals alike learning to do more business online this year than ever before.

oh – and btw… #MythBusted

You do NOT need thousands or millions of followers or subscribers to connect with people who need your services.

In fact, you can get leads with less than 100 subscribers!

My client just did exactly that this past week, in the year 2020!

And I’ve had clients doing that since 2006, before YouTube even had such a thing as “subscribers” – they were meeting new leads who became loyal clients who did business with them for years to come.

We’ll discuss all this and MORE on this Wednesday’s show.

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Join us LIVE and ask YOUR most important question talk how to use videos and blogs to meet your new leads / clients in the Real Estate industry

Ice Bucket Challenge ALS ] ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (emotional) pt 1 with Lisa Hyatt

BREAKING NEWS: Pete Frates and his wife Julie just gave birth to their baby girl, Lucy Frates today, August 31, 2014 while we were editing this video.

Special serendipity for the timing on this tells us (along with the $100 Million dollars donated this month alone) that #ALS will soon have a cure.

Here’s the video with the latest #IceBucketChallenge with Lisa Hyatt as she accepts the Challenge by Glen Ledwell, with a little help from her Coach: Deborah Cole.

Recently I’ve been hearing whiners and negative comments about how people are “sick of the ALS challenge.” To which I say: So are people suffering from ALS. So I guess you’re in the same boat. #NOTreally

Forbes shares stats along with a great rebuttal to all the people getting “tired of the Ice Bucket Challenge”.

Last year only $2 Million dollars in donations were collected in August. This year, $98 Million dollars MORE all because of the viral nature of this #IceBucketChallenge movement. Is this just the beginning? Or is this the end of the #IceBucketChallenge for #ALS ?

Who knows how much more it’ll be by the time others watch this challenge video? Post in the comments below the donation updates on how much is raised to date when you watch this.

When i watched the Pete Frates video of where this all started about 2 weeks ago, they “only” raised 2 million dollars from the Ice Bucket Challenge by then. This donation amount actually made me do a triple check that the reports of them raising $100 Million dollars for ALS were true, or just a typo/misprint with an additional zero.

Nope. The donation amount was accurate.

One hundred Million dollars raised in the month of August with the Ice Bucket Challenge.

What makes a viral movement start like this that catch on like wildfire?

More importantly, what gets people to take action and actually donate? Some videos go viral, but you don’t see the corresponding amount of donations to support the craze. This movement matches action with the fun videos many are creating to raise awareness for ALS. To date, the ALS association reports that over “three million people have donated.”

First let’s look at where it all started…

Have you asked yourself, what’s behind this #ALS #IceBucketChallenge that you see all your friends doing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Here’s the video produced by #ESPN that will introduce you to the man, Pete Frates, who inspired this movement that has raised more awareness and donations for the ALS foundation.

It all started with a man, a brother, and a family dedicated to fight this disease with everything they’ve got, and inspire others to help them do it.

And now, Pete Frates is a Dad. Today. August 31, 2014. As i type this, Pete’s heart is filled with a love he’s never known before, at the same time he’s just as dependent as his newborn daughter, Lucy. He can’t speak, and he’s confined to a wheelchair. This is a debilitating disease that takes your life very quickly.

Lisa Hyatt accepted this challenge — despite how much she hates the cold. Her business Coach, Deborah Cole helped her accept the challenge, and they talked about her friend who also suffers from #ALS and is fighting it right now.

This challenge had special significance to Lisa — beyond just being called out by the mastermind we’re both in: Flight Club.

We were honored to be challenged by Glen Ledwell, the leader of Flight Club Mastermind. Knowing that while we are not only in the group to make more money in our businesses, but also to make a HUGE impact on the world we live in is the Best part of being in Flight Club.

What has made this Ice Bucket Challenge spread so quickly and so far?

Entrepreneur shares 6 viral marketing lessons to learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS:

This challenge quickly became a movement that everyone is participating in. From athletes to CEOs, (like Kobe Bryant and Bill Gates); from musicians to movie stars like Eminem and Charlie Sheen who put a NEW spin on how to do the Ice Bucket Challenge in #Hollywood.

Even politicians are getting involved like the New Jersey governor, Chris Christie.

Some are funny, some are epic, some are epic fails. Like this epic Ice Bucket Challenge #FAIL with the girl on the horse.

Some of the psychological reasons we participate in this campaign – beyond being asked by our friends to do something they just did are all tied to how we’re made up as spiritual beings sharing a human experience.

People WANT to be involved. They look forward to being called out. We like to be challenged. We like to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Our brains kick in creative ways to put new spins on the challenge. We also love laughing at our fellow human beings especially when they’re throwing ice cold buckets of water over their head. It’s just funny. And an unusual sight to see.

But at the end of the day… we’re accountable to one another and don’t want to be called a chicken. Then again… maybe being called names is better than freezing our faces off.

Part two of this Ice Bucket Challenge brings a whole new perspective with Coach Deb as she challenges the ice bucket challenge and tries to break the rules. After all, that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about, right?

Stay Tuned for Part Two of the Ice Bucket Challenge for #ALS.

Adam Carolla lawsuit: Settles with Patent Troll for Podcasting (the debate on crowd funding)

Adam Carolla was sued by a patent troll on podcasting and was refusing to let them drop the lawsuit, fighting the lawsuit for over a year and a half.

Mashable reports, “The 50-year-old comedian and media personality made headlines recently when he declined an offer that included dismissal of the case by the plaintiff, a company called Personal Audio. Why, it stood to reason, would someone being sued decline to dismiss a lawsuit?”

Coach Deb Cole explains why he fought them and how he raised the money to keep on fighting in this interview on the Big Biz Show with Sully Sullivan and Rusty Nailz.

Adam Carolla has broadcast his show live from New Media Expo in Vegas, interviewing attendees right on the trade show floor. Many of the podcasters who attend #NMX see Adam Carolla as their Champion and donated to his crowd funding campaign that he opened to fight this patent troll.

To date, $475,167 was donated through Fund Anything.

Sully Sullivan debates the ethics of crowd funding in this episode of his TV Show. What do you think about what he argued about with @CoachDeb in this show?

In recent news:
Adam Carolla settles with patent troll on August 18, 2014, and agrees to a quiet period, which seems to be 40 days, as he tweets out his promise to discuss this in 40 days.

Personal Audio will issue a statement today, Tuesday, August 19, 2014.

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Follow @NMX and @NMXpodcast on Twitter to join the tribe of podcasters & tweet your thoughts on this lawsuit, patent troll and the future of podcasting using the hashtag #NMX and #PatentTroll to join the conversation.

Amy’s Baking Company gone bad. Gordon Ramsey revisits them on FOX Kitchen Nightmares.

Amy’s Baking Company gone bad! Did you see the original Kitchen Nightmare’s show with Gordon Ramsey where he fired #AmysBakingCompany ? Apparently they re-opened and Gordon Ramsey did another Kitchen Nightmares show with them.

Is this all just a publicity stunt to get clients intrigued enough to go check out their restaurant? Or just poor influence skills by the owners?

In this TV interview, @CoachDeb breaks down Amy’s Baking Company Blunder & the importance of Reputation Management when getting involved online and when using social media.

Coach Deb reveals what went wrong with Amy’s Baking Company on this episode of the Big Biz Show, and what could’ve been a great Social Media Marketing Strategy – if only Amy’s Baking Company had a Social Media Plan.

Reputation Management is one of the most important things for a business owner to have a plan for when marketing their business online. Clearly this restaurant didn’t have a plan, or understand how viral social media fans or foes can make something.

What do you think about Amy’s Bakery Blunder? Was it a crazy public relations plot gone bad? Was this their way of getting more media attention for their bakery? Or do you think they really didn’t have a plan, and this was just chaos on baking powder? (steroids baking humor)

Watch the full episode of Kitchen Nightmares with Amy’s Baking Company and decide for yourself – What’s the truth behind the Gordon Ramsey TV Story?

They told FOX News Amy’s Baking Company site got HACKED.

What do you think?

Was it really them getting mad at their haters online and lashing out? OR did Amy’s Baking Company get hacked?

Their appearance on the FOX show “Kitchen Nightmares” turned into a real life nightmare.

This Scottsdale couple is taking a lot of heat from people all over the country, and most of the hatred is spilling over online.

Do you think it’s deserved? Or are they getting an unfair deal from their publicity on Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey?


[Social Media Marketing Plan] VIDEO: Social Media Strategy Session with TV Host Bob “Sully” Sullivan

Coach Deb Cole gives Bob “Sully” Sullivan a Social Media Consulting Session on how to boost his Twitter profile to get more followers and increase his engagement.

Watch this 14:16min consulting session LIVE on this TV Guest Interview on The Big Biz Show and you’ll learn Social Media Marketing Secrets to get more traffic, leads and clients.

Topics covered in this Social Media Strategy Session:

  1. How to get more followers on Twitter
  2. How to get leads from Twitter
  3. How to drive Traffic to your Blog from Twitter
  4. How to get Media Influencers to follow you
  5. How to get the Local News Stations to pay attention to you and retweet you
  6. How to track keywords in your industry and join the conversation
  7. How to use #hashtags to get business
  8. Why Robert Scoble is the Influencer Coach Deb trusts on Twitter since 2006 @Scobleizer
  9. Why it’s okay be to chatty on Twitter
  10. Why you may want to turn people off on Twitter
  11. Sully’s Got Jokes
  12. How to get retweeted by influencers and fans
  13. How to get your fans to do your marketing FOR You
  14. How to get the attention of influencers in your industry
  15. How to get influencers to follow you and value your expertise and form partnerships with them / Joint Ventures, etc.
  16. What’s the big deal about retweeting other people?
  17. How Realtors can use Twitter to get Leads who need their services RIGHT NOW
  18. Killer Social Media Marketing Secret to get leads using Twitter

[Social Media Marketing Secrets] The Cost of Social Media Marketing in Business

Social Media Marketing Consultant, Coach Deb Cole is interviewed on The Big Biz Show talking about the new way of advertising for the 21st Century.

Social Media Marketing Secrets Revealed in this interview:

1) How to get your business found in the 21st Century

2) Where to advertise for your business

3) The Cost of Social Media Marketing

4) Getting influencers to follow you online

5) How to get influencers to promote your business

6) How to get your brand seen by millions all over the internet

7) Who should care about YELP

8) The ROI of Social Media Advertising

9) Costs of NOT advertising on Social Media

10) Where are people going to find your services

11) Keeping up with the times – the new way of doing business

Are you using Google Places for your physical business?

Is your website “mobile friendly”?

Are you guilty of giving your website address the way this one person did and demonstrate you’re not up with the times of new technology for your business advertising?

Find out what you may be doing wrong in advertising and marketing using social media and your website in this 9 minute media video interview with Coach Deb and Bob “Sully” Sullivan with Russ T Nails on The Big Biz Show.

[Media Interviews with Coach Deb] How to Get Followers on Social Media sites

Coach Deb was interviewed on The Big Biz Show by Bob “Sully” Sullivan on how business owners can get more followers on Social Media.

Watch the 16-minute replay here:

Social Media topics discussed during this TV interview:

What is Social Media?

How to use Social Media Marketing for Business?

How do you get followers on Twitter?

Why do you want to use YouTube to get found on Google?

How to get retweeted on Twitter?

What’s a #Hashtag?

Why should you use hashtags on Twitter?

What’s New Media compared to Social Media?

What does a Social Media Manager cost to hire?

How to use Twitter as a Marketing Strategy for business?

Got Jokes?

Got handcuffs?

The Dangers of Social Media sites and how it can work against you.

[Media Interviews with Coach Deb] Fair Warning re: the NEW Social Graph Search on Facebook

“Your Competition is hoping you’ll ignore Social Media.” says Coach Deb on The Big Biz Show.

Social Media Strategist, Coach Deb Cole, reveals what Social Graph Search is, and warns business owners about the dangers of ignoring social media for their business. Reputation Management Specialists are now helping companies who ignored social media to bump up their good name and boost the positive things about the company to the first page of Google.

Dominate or Die.

Watch this 11 minute video to see what’s NEW in Social Media, and how thousands of business owners will be affected by this new social graph search on Facebook.

Will you be left behind? Are you giving all your business to your competitors?

Or are you ahead of the curve, being found on Google and Facebook search?

Consider this post your Fair Warning for how the game of business advertising has forever changed with Social Graph Search.

Share your thoughts on what you love about Social Graph Search below. And share your ideas for how it can be improved and what you hate about Social Graph Search.

Bob “Sully” Sullivan & Russ T Nails, hosts of The Big Biz Show interviews Coach Deb, Author, Speaker, Social Media Strategist from http://CoachDeb.TV on their Radio / TV show where they grilled her about how Social Graph Search will affect business owners this year.

Get Secret Video Production Guide (Including Tips From Hollywood Insiders)

Top Tips To Help You Grow Your Business Online - Using Proven, Social Media Marketing & Video SEO Strategies That Give You The Edge in 2020