Month: June 2013

[Social Media Marketing Plan] VIDEO: Social Media Strategy Session with TV Host Bob “Sully” Sullivan

Coach Deb Cole gives Bob “Sully” Sullivan a Social Media Consulting Session on how to boost his Twitter profile to get more followers and increase his engagement.

Watch this 14:16min consulting session LIVE on this TV Guest Interview on The Big Biz Show and you’ll learn Social Media Marketing Secrets to get more traffic, leads and clients.

Topics covered in this Social Media Strategy Session:

  1. How to get more followers on Twitter
  2. How to get leads from Twitter
  3. How to drive Traffic to your Blog from Twitter
  4. How to get Media Influencers to follow you
  5. How to get the Local News Stations to pay attention to you and retweet you
  6. How to track keywords in your industry and join the conversation
  7. How to use #hashtags to get business
  8. Why Robert Scoble is the Influencer Coach Deb trusts on Twitter since 2006 @Scobleizer
  9. Why it’s okay be to chatty on Twitter
  10. Why you may want to turn people off on Twitter
  11. Sully’s Got Jokes
  12. How to get retweeted by influencers and fans
  13. How to get your fans to do your marketing FOR You
  14. How to get the attention of influencers in your industry
  15. How to get influencers to follow you and value your expertise and form partnerships with them / Joint Ventures, etc.
  16. What’s the big deal about retweeting other people?
  17. How Realtors can use Twitter to get Leads who need their services RIGHT NOW
  18. Killer Social Media Marketing Secret to get leads using Twitter

[Social Media Marketing Secrets] The Cost of Social Media Marketing in Business

Social Media Marketing Consultant, Coach Deb Cole is interviewed on The Big Biz Show talking about the new way of advertising for the 21st Century.

Social Media Marketing Secrets Revealed in this interview:

1) How to get your business found in the 21st Century

2) Where to advertise for your business

3) The Cost of Social Media Marketing

4) Getting influencers to follow you online

5) How to get influencers to promote your business

6) How to get your brand seen by millions all over the internet

7) Who should care about YELP

8) The ROI of Social Media Advertising

9) Costs of NOT advertising on Social Media

10) Where are people going to find your services

11) Keeping up with the times – the new way of doing business

Are you using Google Places for your physical business?

Is your website “mobile friendly”?

Are you guilty of giving your website address the way this one person did and demonstrate you’re not up with the times of new technology for your business advertising?

Find out what you may be doing wrong in advertising and marketing using social media and your website in this 9 minute media video interview with Coach Deb and Bob “Sully” Sullivan with Russ T Nails on The Big Biz Show.

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