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Ice Bucket Challenge ALS ] ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (emotional) pt 1 with Lisa Hyatt

BREAKING NEWS: Pete Frates and his wife Julie just gave birth to their baby girl, Lucy Frates today, August 31, 2014 while we were editing this video.

Special serendipity for the timing on this tells us (along with the $100 Million dollars donated this month alone) that #ALS will soon have a cure.

Here’s the video with the latest #IceBucketChallenge with Lisa Hyatt as she accepts the Challenge by Glen Ledwell, with a little help from her Coach: Deborah Cole.

Recently I’ve been hearing whiners and negative comments about how people are “sick of the ALS challenge.” To which I say: So are people suffering from ALS. So I guess you’re in the same boat. #NOTreally

Forbes shares stats along with a great rebuttal to all the people getting “tired of the Ice Bucket Challenge”.

Last year only $2 Million dollars in donations were collected in August. This year, $98 Million dollars MORE all because of the viral nature of this #IceBucketChallenge movement. Is this just the beginning? Or is this the end of the #IceBucketChallenge for #ALS ?

Who knows how much more it’ll be by the time others watch this challenge video? Post in the comments below the donation updates on how much is raised to date when you watch this.

When i watched the Pete Frates video of where this all started about 2 weeks ago, they “only” raised 2 million dollars from the Ice Bucket Challenge by then. This donation amount actually made me do a triple check that the reports of them raising $100 Million dollars for ALS were true, or just a typo/misprint with an additional zero.

Nope. The donation amount was accurate.

One hundred Million dollars raised in the month of August with the Ice Bucket Challenge.

What makes a viral movement start like this that catch on like wildfire?

More importantly, what gets people to take action and actually donate? Some videos go viral, but you don’t see the corresponding amount of donations to support the craze. This movement matches action with the fun videos many are creating to raise awareness for ALS. To date, the ALS association reports that over “three million people have donated.”

First let’s look at where it all started…

Have you asked yourself, what’s behind this #ALS #IceBucketChallenge that you see all your friends doing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Here’s the video produced by #ESPN that will introduce you to the man, Pete Frates, who inspired this movement that has raised more awareness and donations for the ALS foundation.

It all started with a man, a brother, and a family dedicated to fight this disease with everything they’ve got, and inspire others to help them do it.

And now, Pete Frates is a Dad. Today. August 31, 2014. As i type this, Pete’s heart is filled with a love he’s never known before, at the same time he’s just as dependent as his newborn daughter, Lucy. He can’t speak, and he’s confined to a wheelchair. This is a debilitating disease that takes your life very quickly.

Lisa Hyatt accepted this challenge — despite how much she hates the cold. Her business Coach, Deborah Cole helped her accept the challenge, and they talked about her friend who also suffers from #ALS and is fighting it right now.

This challenge had special significance to Lisa — beyond just being called out by the mastermind we’re both in: Flight Club.

We were honored to be challenged by Glen Ledwell, the leader of Flight Club Mastermind. Knowing that while we are not only in the group to make more money in our businesses, but also to make a HUGE impact on the world we live in is the Best part of being in Flight Club.

What has made this Ice Bucket Challenge spread so quickly and so far?

Entrepreneur shares 6 viral marketing lessons to learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS:

This challenge quickly became a movement that everyone is participating in. From athletes to CEOs, (like Kobe Bryant and Bill Gates); from musicians to movie stars like Eminem and Charlie Sheen who put a NEW spin on how to do the Ice Bucket Challenge in #Hollywood.

Even politicians are getting involved like the New Jersey governor, Chris Christie.

Some are funny, some are epic, some are epic fails. Like this epic Ice Bucket Challenge #FAIL with the girl on the horse.

Some of the psychological reasons we participate in this campaign – beyond being asked by our friends to do something they just did are all tied to how we’re made up as spiritual beings sharing a human experience.

People WANT to be involved. They look forward to being called out. We like to be challenged. We like to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Our brains kick in creative ways to put new spins on the challenge. We also love laughing at our fellow human beings especially when they’re throwing ice cold buckets of water over their head. It’s just funny. And an unusual sight to see.

But at the end of the day… we’re accountable to one another and don’t want to be called a chicken. Then again… maybe being called names is better than freezing our faces off.

Part two of this Ice Bucket Challenge brings a whole new perspective with Coach Deb as she challenges the ice bucket challenge and tries to break the rules. After all, that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about, right?

Stay Tuned for Part Two of the Ice Bucket Challenge for #ALS.

Be Great, Be Powerful Beyond Measure (Best Inspirational Video Ever Made)

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…

Dare to Be Outstanding Today!

Have you watched this Powerful, Motivational video yet today?

I first came across this video on the Facebook wall of a new friend of mine, Jeffery Davis, (a Leader in the #1 Weight Loss Company in North America) who mastered the world of network marketing by serving his clients.

I was honored to be able to spend some time with him after a regional conference in Houston, Texas, where I learned not only several brilliant marketing strategies that will help me in a huge way, but I also learned a lot about this man and how influential he is, not only as an Ambassador in his company, but as a Dad, as a Role Model and as a Leader in Life. (I think we’ve only just seen the beginning of his Greatness!) 


Leadership Tip to Learn from:
Instead of having a set agenda of what Jeffery would say before a call, he simply let people share what was on their heart and he actively listened to each one of them, finding unique ways to help them reach their goals, rise up to the challenge of losing weight, and ultimately Be Great!

What inspired me the most is how Mr. Davis didn’t try to build up empty hype of the business opportunity with his team, but rather he sought to uncover what was really holding them back; what truly inspired them, and where their light was buried, and then he worked to guide them towards digging deep within to find their true purpose for starting their own business. That’s where true intrinsic motivation comes from — Motivation that LASTS!

What inspires you? Why did you first start your own business? What made you choose the job you’re in? If it’s NOT ultimately giving you joy and purpose in life — then find a way to get out and find something that will fill you up every day. If you’re not jumping out of bed on Monday morning, excited to take on the day, you’re probably misaligned to your true calling.

This fan-made video spells it out perfectly when it comes to business and life. Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. And all too often, we hide from what makes us brilliant, spectacular and outstanding. We hide in the shadows of where we think our peers or family expects us to be. We are taught to be humble in school, in church and in our family. Yet, all that teaches us to do is to hide our light under a mask that’s not aligned to our true self. We then start living an inauthentic life, living for how we think other people want us to live, do, breathe and do.


(This picture was snapped off the record breaking jump by Felix Baumgartner as he jumped from space, free falling for over three minutes, sponsored by the Redbull Stratos Project. This is a man who embraced the Greatness within, and has inspired millions every day leading up to this jump, and millions more now that he did it on October 14, 2012!!!)

Yeah, exactly… I know what you’re feeling… Now, What does THIS inspire you to do Today?

Marianne Williamson said it best in A Course in Miracles when she explained, “It’s not our darkness that most frightens us, it’s our light.”

This video brings this concept home. How life and business and work and people can sometimes beat us down. But it’s not how many times we get knocked down, is it? It’s how many times we get BACK UP that counts!

It’s interesting, because when the last Rocky movie came out, my first reaction was that I had no intention of seeing the movie, because the series ran its course. I thought, what angle could they come out with that would beat any of the previous movies? Well… Sly did it once again! And in my opinion, he topped all other movies previously in the series.

One flight back home one day, Rocky was the in-flight movie playing on Continental airlines, and the movie brought me to tears. (On several occasions.) My favorite part of the entire movie was when he had a heart to heart talk with his son. It’s probably what I love most about this video’s version of the famous poem by Marianne Williamson how it’s about Daring to be GREAT, and letting our Light Shine.

I loved this Rocky speech so much that I started scribbling down what he said on the plane… and now I’ll share my scribbles with you so you can let it speak directly to YOU… as you watch this video — every day for the next 30 days, like I intend to do, because it’s just the message I need to meet my new 90-Day Challenge I’ve set for myself, and having my friends hold me accountable to reach my goals.

“I’m gonna show you how Great I Am!” Muhammad Ali

Transcript from this video (forgive me if I get a few words different.) Rocky to son:

But somewhere along the line… you changed.

You stopped being you.

You let people stick a finger in your face and tell you you’re no good.

And when things got hard, you started looking for something to blame. Like a big shadow.

Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently… if you let it!

You, me or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it doesn’t matter how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward.

That’s how WINNING is done!

Cuz if you’re willing to go through all the battling you gotta go through to get where you wanna get, who’s got the right to stop you?

Maybe some of you guys got something you never finished… something you really wanna do, to say something to someone that you never said… something…

…but you’re told no…

Even after you pay your dues…

Who’s got the right to stop you?


It’s your right to listen to your own gut. Ain’t nobody’s right to say no, and tell you that you can’t! After you’ve earned the right to be what you want to be or do what you wanna do!

Now if you know what you’re worth… then go GET what you’re worth!

But you gotta be willing to take the hits.

And not point the finger, saying, you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her.

Cowards do that, and that ain’t you! You’re BETTER than that!

…Now… if you have children… Imagine saying the following to them each night before they go to sleep for the next 90-days… or for as long as you tell them bedtime stories and tuck them in… Imagine the impact that would make on their mind… their psychology and their potential to be Great as they grow up, and inspire the world with their unique gifts and talents imprinted on them since birth…

Our Deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

It’s our Light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

Playing small never served the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We were all meant to shine, as children. It’s not just in some of us. It’s in everyone.

As we let our own light shine… we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. And we are all liberated from our own fear.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…

My challenge to you… Join me everyday and watch this video — before you go to sleep… and right when you wake up to start your day.

If you’re with me, leave a note in the comments section below this blog post, share your 90-day BIG Goal that you will accomplish as you DARE TO BE GREAT!

And if you really desire to be held accountable and increase your chances of achieving your goals, then come back and watch this video DAILY and Comment on this post EVERY DAY!

This “Challenge to Be Great” will not only serve you to reach your goals, but you’ll inspire others to be Great and get through the rough times as you share the things you discover and accomplish along the way. Share how life tries to beat you down… and prove each day that you keep getting up and moving forward. Tell us how you overcome each hurdle… and Let’s Do This Together!

Dare To Be Great!

Are you with me?


[Deb’s Diary] Personal Note from Deb: “You don’t need that pizza!”


Today I’d like to take a moment to NOT talk about business and social media.

Instead, I’d like to share a moment with you from this past month that has made a big impact on me. I hope in sharing these mini stories from my personal life, that you’ll also take moments away from business to think about what gives your life meaning, and what inspires you to do great things in your business and your personal life to make a greater impact on the people and the world around you.


It started off a typical day. I was prepping to jet to the gym with my workout buddy and lift weights at 24 Hour Fitness, taking one of my favorite classes: Body Pump. It’s a structured weight lifting class set to cool music (typically) so you get your Cardio burn along with your muscle building.

Then, it took a sad turn… Perhaps disappointing is the more appropriate emotion.

You see, I did something stupid. Ya’ know the thing you know you’re NOT supposed to do… but can’t resist the urge to do it anyway?

After a month of being consistent with my workouts, from weight lifting classes to pilates to participating in a boot camp program, I was feeling great and seeing the positive results in my waistline and abs, so I was looking forward to seeing how much weight I had lost.

Confident I lost at least 5 lbs, I decided to meet my buddy in the class after I took a pitstop on the scale.

BIG mistake.

My smile quickly turned to dismay as I saw the scale didn’t budge. Not a pound from when I started my fitness routine. Whaaaa??? This seemed impossible! SonOfa… I thought to myself as I slowly made my way to class where my smiling friend was waiting, stretching by his weights.

Starting off your workout in a bad mood is never a good way to start the class, much less your day. But I was committed to pressing forward to lose the 15lbs I put on during my summer in Texas. (I know, weird, this is usually the season you take it off, not hide in the AC to avoid the heat.)

Well it seemed the forces were not with me this morning, because the first song our instructor decided to play during our squat routine… was THE saddest breakup song in the history of breakup songs by Adele. In fact, if you google Top 10 Breakup songs, you’ll find Adele is right there at #4.


Needless to say, I lost my momentum, my will power, my energy in those 3 minutes of torture, thinking how I’m just not getting the results I want, and my head was getting filled with additional sad thoughts that this song stirs up in you if you’ve ever gone through a heart breaking experience in your life — like the loss of your best friend for almost 20 years.
flip this house

My thoughts took a downward spiral, thinking of my recent divorce, and saying goodbye to the man who called me his best friend for the past 2 decades. I counted how many Sunday brunches we shared (#780), how many trips on the bike we made through the Pennsylvania mountains, and all the trials and struggles we overcame to grow our business and real estate empire to a level of success we were both pleased with; giving us an amazing life in Hawaii, with our home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Realizing another girl simply stepped into my old life as soon as our relationship ended, and was playing with the dogs we raised since they were puppies, and living in one of our old flips with my dogs became almost unbearable. Surreal thoughts and I knew I had to snap out of it for my own sanity and just get back to working out.


Let’s just say, Adele was NOT helping.

Luckily, I was working out with my buddy Ori Bengal, one of the funniest, quirkiest friends in Austin, and he quickly flipped my mood, laughing at his “That’s what she said” antics, making inappropriate jokes just as the blasting music came to a screeching halt. DOH!

Thank God for funny friends, eh? Ori was my Life Saver that morning.

But later that night is when a major transformational shift in my thought process occurred. It was after the Internet Marketing Party when a few of us left to grab a slice of pizza at the famous Roppolo’s across the street from SIX Lounge where the party was held.

Knowing I certainly shouldn’t be eating pizza… especially this late at night… but also feeling like it just didn’t matter either way what I did, because the scale wasn’t moving one way or another, I figured, what the heck, I’ll break bread with my friends and have a slice.

After slight confusion over the pizza order, each person getting theirs a few minutes apart, I noticed in the corner of my eye a friend of mine handing his slice to a couple who asked if he would buy them some food. He didn’t hesitate, blink or debate, he just handed over his slice (even though I knew how hungry he was) to this couple who asked. We’ll call this couple Mr. & Mrs. Valencia.


I was so moved by this random act because he didn’t hesitate. He saw a couple who was hungry and just followed his instincts and handed his pizza to them. That’s when I decided this was the perfect time to give up my pizza to my friend who just demonstrated such compassion, (and since I really didn’t need it anyway, right?)

Then I just shared a few bites with my friend as “Mr. & Mrs. Valencia” sat across from us at the picnic table enjoying their pizza. As we chatted with this couple, it was obvious they knew more about the world we live in than most people who just wander around not thinking, to and from their jobs.

This couple had a genuineness about them and such sweet spirits, as they were getting through one of the toughest times in their lives, begging for their next meal, yet keeping their dignity in tact. I thought, wow, they really love each other, and they have nothing. Nothing but what’s real and lasting in this life. True, enduring love for each other… and for life. They were so pleasant to talk with, that suddenly I was no longer aware of my own sadness, or even my surroundings.

All of a sudden, there was a transcendent moment I would never forget. I was imagining being with Mr. & Mrs. Valencia all dressed up in a Tux and an evening gown at a 5-star banquet party, as we all shared stories and laughed around the round table. And I wondered… how many people that pass this couple on a daily basis on the streets of Austin, Texas even realize how special and sweet this couple was… or if they simply judged them and ignored them because of their circumstances?

Let’s just say, having dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Valencia transformed my entire day. My perspective on life shifted, and I realized just how good life was and how good I had it. The next day, I sat at my desk in my hi-rise apt, and started writing this post.

Looking out the windows at the Capitol building and all the other tall buildings buzzing with activity from the people inside them, I wondered how many people were just existing… instead of truly living and pursuing their passion in life? How many of them were grateful for the food on their plate and the air conditioning that kept them comfortable in the blazing, Texas heat?

I’m also happy to report (as I come back to this blog a few weeks later… debating if I’d ever share it with my readers in such a public forum)… that the scale finally DID move!

This whole experience got me thinking about how this weight loss process relates to business growth. It’s seasonal. You plant in one season, and reap in another. Patience is required, and the ability to keep pressing forward — even when you’re working harder than ever, and not seeing immediate results. Trust me… results will come. In due time.


The scale WILL Move… you just need to keep on doing the things that will get you the results you want. In time, you’ll see the transformation you are working for.

In the meantime, take a look around you and count all the different things you’re grateful for. Knowing you’ve got an awesome life and it’s only getting better and better! The only thing that sometimes stands in our way of getting everything we want… is time.

I hope my personal story has touched you in some way… whether you’re going through a challenging time yourself, or know someone who is. Or perhaps you’ve got your own story that will encourage someone going through a tough time.

If either of the above hits home for you — please share your thoughts in the comments below.

I love hearing who’s actually reading my new personal diary entries, now that I decided to be a little more transparent with my friends and clients who read my blog on a regular basis for the social media tips I share here.

So tell me what you think. Or share a goal you’re working for, so the community will help hold you accountable. Leave you comment below…

[Deb’s Diary] Just a Dog?

“Now, I want you to pay particular attention to the teeth.”

Finding Neverland is one of my Top Ten Fantasy Movies of all time. Providing an alternate perspective behind the Peter Pan story, Johnny Depp does not disappoint in his role as the writer of the Peter Pan story.

Finding Neverland gives you a “behind the story” look at how the masterpiece “Peter Pan” was written and the people who inspired it. Not to mention providing a dramatic story and tissue box ending.

But more than that, this movie is an inspirational catalyst for entrepreneurs everywhere. It’s our imagination that drives our companies. CEO’s are charged with providing the Vision that’s bigger than the minutia of the million details involved in running a company.

This clip inspires so many, many, many thoughts in me about ideas, imagination, inspiration, and the people behind great companies, and the million dollar ideas that are spawned from letting our imagination run wild. Not to mention the metaphor between Peter and those around you who merely serve as the Candle-Snuffers in your life.

Watch this 1:50sec Clip from Finding Neverland
(Then tell me what thoughts it inspires in you in the comment box below.)


“This is absurd. He’s Just a Dog.”

“JUST a Dog??? Porthos dreams of being a bear, and you want to dash those dreams by saying he’s “JUST a Dog?”

What eyes do you see your world with?

Do you use “Candle-Snuffing Words” to dismiss possibilities?

Are you like the cynic, Peter who only sees “what is” verses what might be?

Or do you see a Diamond when everyone else sees “just a rock”?

Typically the greatest challenge an entrepreneur has in her life is combating the negative energy that’s thrown at her by those closest to her.

Henry Ford said. “Whether you think you can or think you can’t… you’re right.” In other words, if you think you can’t, you’ll stop yourself from seeing any further than to see what’s directly in front of you. You’ll stop pushing forward in a visionary direction. But that’s not how Disney World was built, was it? Walt Disney saw what others couldn’t see… until they did, because he created it.

We create our paths in life. Each and every thought we have leads us to make a specific decision which will bring us in one direction or another. The only real question to ask yourself is, “What Direction do I want to head?”

Who are the people in your life who try to dash your dreams? Perhaps you dream of being a famous actor… perhaps a best-selling author… or sought after musician. Maybe you have been dreaming of opening up your own business, building an empire full of great people doing great things. But perhaps you also have doubts that your diamonds are “just rocks”.


In my next diary post, I’ll draw inspiration from another favorite Johnny Depp movie of mine, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” to address “Global Beliefs” lovingly shared by those closest to us in our lives to keep us from pursuing who we were destined to become.

In the meantime, I want to hear your dreams. Your Diamonds. Your Dancing Bears. In the comment box below.

Recently I had a consult session with someone who wanted to start her own Virtual Assistant Agency, but wasn’t sure if her skills alone would help her make this dream a reality. One of the pieces of coaching I gave her was to tell as many people as possible and let them know the new business she was going to start. Within one week of her sharing her dreams with me, she had her first client! And all it required of her was to start telling her friends what she wanted to do!

Now it’s time for you to do the same. Will you share your goals with me (and my readers) in the comment box below? Who knows where this simple decision of yours will lead…

Until next time…


[Deb’s Diary] Deb’s Diary

My heart is pounding. The elevator bell goes off and I scramble out, free at last. My worst fears of being trapped on an elevator with a creepy guy and two small dogs that need more of my protection than they serve as my protector. I push past the two guys waiting to get on the elevator, mumbling an apology, to which they seem to instantly understand when they take one look one at the shirtless guy who wreaked of the smell of beer, leaning up against the corner in the elevator who wasn’t getting out any time soon.mask_1

Okay, wait a minute, this is NOT the kind of Diary that you’ll be reading here on my blog. You’re not going to find Fifty Shades of Grey entries here.

But if it got your heart racing just a bit, then that’s good! Because that’s what I aim to do here by adding my personal stories from my life along with my business blog focusing on Social Media for Business.

Sometimes it’s the things that happen in our personal lives that give us motivation to keep on getting up in our professional lives and keep on going. (POINTS for Movie reference.) That’s why I decided to add this unique “Diary” category to my business blog that will truly be all about the Brand that is Coach Deb.

Oh, and I did actually have a creepy experience in an elevator recently, after getting stuck on the 13th floor two days in a row. On this particular day, all I could do was pray the elevator would keep going down 20 floors very quickly so I could get both myself and my doggies out to safety.

This video was recently shared on my friend’s wall on Facebook that inspired me! What a girl! You’ve gotta see how she takes care of her assailant in this 11 second video:

Watch This 11 sec VIDEO:

Am I taking a Risk with the Deb’s Diary addition?

So here is my dilemma in whether I want to add this feature to this new blog of mine.

I’ve been coaching business owners on how to start their own business blog for over a decade. And typically the advice given to a business owner as she gets started is to keep her blogs focused on one topic. This is good for keyword search as well as keeping people focused on one thing when they come to your blog.

That “rule” had me and my partner start dozens (if not hundreds) of blogs each solely focused on one topic. The strategy worked ridiculously well, and we stuck to this rule religiously. Until now.

CoachDeb.TV is my newest blog, focused on “Branding Coach Deb” for companies who want to learn from me, hire me to train their team on how to use social media, or have me give a keynote speech on social media for business.

So the bulk of the articles you’ll find here, will be focused on Social Media for Business.

But not this category series.

Since I didn’t want to maintain a dozen separate blogs focused on all the different things I do, speak on or am involved with, I decided to take a risk. By blending in a few personal stories unrelated to social media or business, I’ll be sharing a little bit about who I am and what makes me tick from time to time in between social media article series.

Plus, here’s how I feel about mixing business with pleasure.

(aka sharing personal stories from my life)

Too often, we get caught up in “the business” of things and completely neglect our personal needs. And for my partner and I, this neglect cost us our relationship. We got so caught up in building our empire, growing our personal net worth and investing in real estate, that we neglected the proper care and feeding of one another.

Painful lessons often serve as the best teachers. Because we will do anything to avoid a repeat of that pattern. That’s why I’m doing things a little differently now that I’m single and running the show.

Am I making a mistake? Well… you tell me. I guess only time will tell. Or you will!

After all, since this is a blog, YOU get to give me your two cents on how you feel about me taking this risk by commenting on this post below.

In the meantime, I’ll categorize these posts separately into “Deb’s Diary” so you can follow along with my personal journey as I travel around the world, speaking, living, working, and having a grand adventure — all on this blog. (Or, you can simply ignore these posts, and just stick to the business of social media.

Fair enough?

(BTW: you get to answer that question — and any other question — in the comment box below. I’m an extravert, so the more feedback and interaction you give me, the more motivated I’ll be to continue sharing my personal life on this blog.

And when you share your comments on my business articles, that will give me feedback on the topics to focus more on for your business.

So what are some of the things I’ll be sharing in this Deb’s Diary Category on my new blog? More than likely, things from my every day life/journey… such as:deb-frenchies-small

  • Racing cars (What I want to do when I grow up)
  • Lessons from my Tennis Matches (My favorite sport in the whole wide world!)
  • Travel Adventures (When I speak in different countries)
  • Beach pictures and inspiration (My favorite place to be to rejuvenate)
  • The Randomness that is My Life.

Ok! Onward to my Journey… that I call… LIFE uninterupted. oh wait. darn. that’s a movie. okay then… what shall we call this journey?

P.S.: I do have a motivational blog that I’ve been adding to for almost 5 years since living in Hawaii (thus the header) so if you’re wanting daily inspirational quick quotes or pictures, feel free to subscribe to that blog that’s focused ONLY on one minute motivation (with a few 7-8 minute TED Talks or inspirational videos I can’t help but share with you!)

Otherwise, hang out here for a while, and please — talk back! Give me your two cents in the comment box below!


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