Month: August 2020

Mind Control In Media + Marketing with Mark Joyner #Interview

Get ready to have your mind blown with Mark Joyner and this upcoming LIVE Conversation I’m having with him this Wednesday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST – and allowing my friends to join in.

But 1st… before you continue reading… I want to make sure you are ready. Are you ready for the Red Pill? Because most people are not. So the upcoming LIVE Interview with Mark Joyner is reserved exclusively for people ready for the red pill.

The intel Mark Joyner possesses exceeds that of the average citizen. And he’s ready to reveal it to those who want to know what’s really going on in the world, and how they can guard their mind from the manipulation of the media – both traditional and social media alike. In this exclusive interview with Mark Joyner, we’ll discuss the following issues facing us in the world today, in 2020:


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Why is it important to learn about PERSUASION?

How is your data being used against you?

How Will Personality Marketing Influence The Masses?

How Can You Guard Your Mind In 2020?

What Mind Control Tactics are being used to manipulate your emotions?

What’s the real cause of unrest and conflict in the world today?

What’s the role of Intelligence Operations being played in the world right now?

Mark Joyner is known by insiders as the Father of Digital Marketing. started the first ebook publishing company 10 years before the Kindle, he launched the first online ad tracking company, he started a pay per click search engine while the Google boys were still in college, he invented the tracking pixel while Mark Zuckerberg was in elementary school, and many other online marketing technologies and techniques and tech used by everyone around the world today. One of Mark’s startups, Startblaze, shot to the #36 most visited site on the planet within 6 weeks of launching – on a zero dollar ad budget.

Can you say WOW!?

Mark Joyner is the author of over a dozen books in print in 25 languages. 4 are #1 bestsellers. 

His Books are used as University text books around the world. 

Mark is a former US Army Officer and a Cold War veteran of military intelligence.  

Mark has been awarded for his military service by the NSA, the Defense Language Institute, the US Army, the Republic of Korea Army, the Korean Consulate General, and the President of the United States.

And now, he’s joining us in an Exclusive LIVE Conversation on the #ShareThis Show this Wednesday 4pm PST / 7pm EST on my new YouTube Channel.

Get Ready to have your Mind = Blown

TikTok Ban

TikTok or Not? Special Show with Owen Video & Joel Comm talking about the Future of TikTok

If TikTok gets banned or bought by Microsoft or Twitter — what are the alternatives? What do you do with all your Followers, if you’ve been growing your TikTok channel? 

What are the DANGERS of having TikTok on your phone? Should you be more concerned about the Security of your phone if you’re an Android or an IOS Smart Phone user, like the iPhone if you have TikTok installed on your phone?

If you’re NOT a Teen, and you’re in Business — is TikTok something you should pay attention to? Is it really a viable business marketing platform? Or just a waste of time? Are Realtors and Business Owners taking TikTok seriously for getting their business promoted using TikTok?

SAVE The Date: 8-20-2020

These questions and more will be answered on the #ShareThis LIVE Show with Special Guests on a Special Night:

THURSDAY 4pm PST / 5pm MST / 7pm EST 

Joel Comm and Owen Video will discuss the pros and cons of using TikTok in 2020. 

Join the conversation LIVE and ask your questions about TikTok for business.

CoachDeb Cole 
Producer / Host of #ShareThis Channel 

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