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Mind Control In Media + Marketing with Mark Joyner #Interview

Get ready to have your mind blown with Mark Joyner and this upcoming LIVE Conversation I’m having with him this Wednesday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST – and allowing my friends to join in.

But 1st… before you continue reading… I want to make sure you are ready. Are you ready for the Red Pill? Because most people are not. So the upcoming LIVE Interview with Mark Joyner is reserved exclusively for people ready for the red pill.

The intel Mark Joyner possesses exceeds that of the average citizen. And he’s ready to reveal it to those who want to know what’s really going on in the world, and how they can guard their mind from the manipulation of the media – both traditional and social media alike. In this exclusive interview with Mark Joyner, we’ll discuss the following issues facing us in the world today, in 2020:


JOIN the LIVE Conversation on my NEW YouTube Channel:

Why is it important to learn about PERSUASION?

How is your data being used against you?

How Will Personality Marketing Influence The Masses?

How Can You Guard Your Mind In 2020?

What Mind Control Tactics are being used to manipulate your emotions?

What’s the real cause of unrest and conflict in the world today?

What’s the role of Intelligence Operations being played in the world right now?

Mark Joyner is known by insiders as the Father of Digital Marketing. started the first ebook publishing company 10 years before the Kindle, he launched the first online ad tracking company, he started a pay per click search engine while the Google boys were still in college, he invented the tracking pixel while Mark Zuckerberg was in elementary school, and many other online marketing technologies and techniques and tech used by everyone around the world today. One of Mark’s startups, Startblaze, shot to the #36 most visited site on the planet within 6 weeks of launching – on a zero dollar ad budget.

Can you say WOW!?

Mark Joyner is the author of over a dozen books in print in 25 languages. 4 are #1 bestsellers. 

His Books are used as University text books around the world. 

Mark is a former US Army Officer and a Cold War veteran of military intelligence.  

Mark has been awarded for his military service by the NSA, the Defense Language Institute, the US Army, the Republic of Korea Army, the Korean Consulate General, and the President of the United States.

And now, he’s joining us in an Exclusive LIVE Conversation on the #ShareThis Show this Wednesday 4pm PST / 7pm EST on my new YouTube Channel.

Get Ready to have your Mind = Blown

[Social Media Marketing Secrets] The Cost of Social Media Marketing in Business

Social Media Marketing Consultant, Coach Deb Cole is interviewed on The Big Biz Show talking about the new way of advertising for the 21st Century.

Social Media Marketing Secrets Revealed in this interview:

1) How to get your business found in the 21st Century

2) Where to advertise for your business

3) The Cost of Social Media Marketing

4) Getting influencers to follow you online

5) How to get influencers to promote your business

6) How to get your brand seen by millions all over the internet

7) Who should care about YELP

8) The ROI of Social Media Advertising

9) Costs of NOT advertising on Social Media

10) Where are people going to find your services

11) Keeping up with the times – the new way of doing business

Are you using Google Places for your physical business?

Is your website “mobile friendly”?

Are you guilty of giving your website address the way this one person did and demonstrate you’re not up with the times of new technology for your business advertising?

Find out what you may be doing wrong in advertising and marketing using social media and your website in this 9 minute media video interview with Coach Deb and Bob “Sully” Sullivan with Russ T Nails on The Big Biz Show.

[Media Interviews with Coach Deb] Fair Warning re: the NEW Social Graph Search on Facebook

“Your Competition is hoping you’ll ignore Social Media.” says Coach Deb on The Big Biz Show.

Social Media Strategist, Coach Deb Cole, reveals what Social Graph Search is, and warns business owners about the dangers of ignoring social media for their business. Reputation Management Specialists are now helping companies who ignored social media to bump up their good name and boost the positive things about the company to the first page of Google.

Dominate or Die.

Watch this 11 minute video to see what’s NEW in Social Media, and how thousands of business owners will be affected by this new social graph search on Facebook.

Will you be left behind? Are you giving all your business to your competitors?

Or are you ahead of the curve, being found on Google and Facebook search?

Consider this post your Fair Warning for how the game of business advertising has forever changed with Social Graph Search.

Share your thoughts on what you love about Social Graph Search below. And share your ideas for how it can be improved and what you hate about Social Graph Search.

Bob “Sully” Sullivan & Russ T Nails, hosts of The Big Biz Show interviews Coach Deb, Author, Speaker, Social Media Strategist from http://CoachDeb.TV on their Radio / TV show where they grilled her about how Social Graph Search will affect business owners this year.

[Media Interviews with Coach Deb] Social Graph Search revealed on TV by Coach Deb (Big Biz Show)

“Social Graph Search is the hottest thing since Google was created!” says Coach Deb on The Big Biz Show.

Coach Deb reveals what Social Graph is, and tips on how a business owner can use little known Social Media Secrets to get traffic to their Twitter feed, Facebook wall and their blog. Coach Deb also shares a cool tool that automates your social media activity across 5 different channels, using a “Set it and Forget it” feature. Learn how to save time using the things shared by the world’s first author on Twitter & Social Media Strategist.

Watch now and get time saving tips for Twitter and finding the BEST Brand Name for your business.

Bob Sully & Russ T Nails, hosts of The Big Biz Show interview Coach Deb, Author, Speaker, Social Media Strategist from http://CoachDeb.TV

Enjoy this 14min interview and share this video with all your friends to give them tips on how to get traffic to their site, and what types of keywords to use when selecting their Social Media profiles.

Then leave your comments, thoughts and social media tips that you’ve got that expands on this topic. Especially as it relates to Social Graph Search. It’s only just the beginning for Social Graph Search, so add links and resources you come by as time moves forward with this tool being launched in full.

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