[Media Interviews with Coach Deb] BIG Biz Show interviews Coach Deb on Social Media for Business

Bob “Sully” Sullivan and Russ T Nails from The BIG Biz Show interviewed Coach Deb Cole on how to use Social Media for business.

In true Radio entertaining fashion, these two TV hosts drew out social media tips for business owners from Coach Deb and had fun doing it. Get ready to take notes and laugh as you learn the secrets behind what’s hot in social media today!

You’ll discover how you can get your brand free advertising.

When you set up your social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook, etc. there are several key things you must do if you want to quickly get followers who engage with you and increase your EdgeRank in social media.

Here are a few tips shared by Coach Deb in this TV interview:

  1. Be Entertaining
  2. Follow others in your industry
  3. Engage with influencers
  4. Retweet influencers and twits you learn from
  5. Provide Value in your twitter stream
  6. Be where your customers are at (this means MySpace for specific brands)
  7. Hire a Social Media Manager with Caution

Enjoy this short 14:53 minute video with Coach Deb and leave a comment on this post with a few tips of your own so others can learn from YOU!

PS: Coach Deb was asked to be a regular guest on The BIG BIz Show since Sully & Russ liked the tips she shared for their listeners, so tune in to The BIG Biz Show every Thurs morning @ 9:00am PST / 12noon EST to hear Coach Deb share how to use social media to get traffic, leads and sales for your business! Their show is syndicated around the country on both Radio and TV networks. You can even TiVo Coach Deb and watch her when you finish your work day. Or catch the Replay online using Ustream.

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